There are rules to follow when visiting a nudist beach just like when visiting a normal one. Some of them are self-evident, others – not so much.

Observe Hygiene Measures

This one is in the first category. In case clarification is needed – when sitting or lying down anywhere, always have a towel under your body.

Act Normal

If you’re self-conscious, just don’t go to a nudist beach. And don’t expect people to look perfect there. What you’ve watched about nudist beaches on TV probably isn’t realistic. It’s not a place overflowing with hunks and bunnies. Don’t try to adapt your movements just because you’re in your birthday suit. So act normal – if you drop something, pick it up like you would if you were wearing clothes.

Observe Personal Space

Depending on how many people there are on the beach or in the pool area, you need to observe a certain distance between chairs. At any rate, it needs to be 15 feet at least. Being naked, people will be even more particular about personal space. If you see a person or a couple sitting by themselves, ask first before getting close.

Don’t Strip Down Just Anywhere

Some areas at nudist beaches or resorts might require clothing – cafes, parking lots, shops, etc. Please obey all rules regarding clothing-required venues! Have readily accessible clothes in case you need to get dressed quickly and know indecent exposure laws may apply.

Don’t Be Rude

By this we mean don’t stare at people, like you wouldn’t on the street or at a normal beach. The same behavior rules apply as everywhere else. No need to be overly shy and look away every time another naked person walks by, but don’t make people uncomfortable either. People are there to relax.