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Rules to follow when visiting a nudist beach

There are rules to follow when visiting a nudist beach just like when visiting a normal one. Some of them are self-evident, others – not so much.

What are the best websites to find celebrity nudes

Celebrities, famous people who, let’s not kid ourselves, are by majority like that because of their looks. Nobody follows the Kardashians because of their brimming intellect, nor watch a Brad Pitt movie without looking at his majestic face. None of us are foreigners to the feeling of wanting to do the dirty with celebrities, however most of us will never get the chance, so what’s the answer to this? Well, some of us just suck up the dissatisfaction, however others chose a different route, and instead of that elect to find their nudes online, and that’s what we’re here for, to show you the best free porn websites featuring celebrity sex videos and nudes.

Scandal Planet

Here’s a well known site for any lover of celeb nudes, it’s basically the first result on a Google search after all, and this is for good reason, the red in the website design emulates the suspense one feels while looking at these pictures, fortunately, this site features many celebrity sex videos for all kinds of tastes, from Miley Cyrus to Selena Gomez to Kate Upton, you’ll find all kinds of videos and pictures on Scandal Planet, it’s a site that will hardly ever let you down in earnest. While there are some fakes here and there, it is by no means plagued by them unlike many sites like this.

Celeb Jihad

While it has a mildly controversial name, it isn’t foreign to anyone that Celeb Jihad has by far the most extensive collection of celeb sex pictures and videos, by far being in the lead when it comes to quantity of this content also unfortunately comes with a slight dip in quality. Now this is by no means the end of the world, however Celeb Jihad is a site very much plagued by a lot of fakes, this is why it has such a massive quantity, a lot of the videos/pictures on the site are of look-alikes rather than the actual celebrities themselves, while this may leave a bad taste in some mouths, if all you’re looking for is their looks, this shouldn’t be a bother.


This is less of a site that hosts pictures and videos by themselves, and more of an aggregate, they also have the most obscure list of celebs we managed to find, so if you’re looking for someone unknown, and don’t mind going through a link or two to find the content, then this is the ideal site for you.

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